Yogeshbhai Residence (The Brick Abode)
Year of Completion:

Ingress of light and a play of different heights volumes keeps the internal programme engaging. Materiality is dominated by concrete ceilings which are grooved to create visual interest. Glass, brass and solid wood temper the gravitas of concrete by adding visual lightness and warmth. Clean-cut and contemporary, the interior environment is composed of modern furniture and abstract art balanced with textural expanses. The highlight of the contemporary environment, however, is the versatility it possesses through its fenestration. Finely detailed doors and windows and high-precision hardware turns spaces into transparent, connected-to-the-outside screened porches. Art plays a vital role in infusing the modernist appeal of the built-form into the enclosed environment. Abstract wall murals, installations and paintings evoke the master architect’s unique artistic outpourings that have represented architectural work through motifs, forms and colours.