Yash Modi (Chromatic Chic)
2,000 sq ft
Year of Completion:

This assignment involved creating a warm and aesthetic second/weekend home for a family engaged in naval architecture. Except for repurposing one of the four bedrooms into a library, no civil changes were needed to be made to the existing programme. Vibrant colours, geometric patterns, exposed surfaces and an emphasis on detail render a nuanced and layered environment. The interior narrative shifts between the minimal and the ornamental smoothly. The material expression uses wood, brass, exposed brick and back-painted glass, with monolithic expanses highlighted with metal. Colour-blocking technique, involving teal and rust and paint or back-painted glass, introduces striking chromatic shifts that act as backdrops or envelopes for settings. The challenge in the assignment involved handling the raw concrete ceiling with misaligned shuttering imprints. These were concealed with the help of wooden battens which were then used to house lights.