Pranavbhai Office (Nesting Workplace)
1,490 sq ft
Year of Completion:

This is a boutique office created for a lighting design firm. With openings on the east, west and south, the office is designed to go through different emotions throughout the day. The intent was to create an interactive work environment by grouping spaces around custom-created furniture and design objects. To this end, a partition rendered in fluted and transparent glass achieves space modulation, and defines interactive and private work environments simultaneously. The monochromatic interior palette is infused with hints of colour through striking art that evokes cityscapes and spatial design. Flooring and ceiling materials installed at a 45-degree angle to the walls create a shift in perspective, pouring depth and visual energy into the narrative. Formalised after research into anthropology and the work culture of designer firms, the work-desk is a definite highlight. Incorporating meticulously-worked-out storage and rendered in white oak wood and powder-coated metal, the bespoke element features a ruler on its glass top to make measuring and dimensioning easy while drafting and designing.