B&B Italia (Mystical Signification)
Year of Completion:

The showroom for Italian furniture major B&B Italia at Ahmedabad follows the customary design language seen at all their stores across the world. Designed for the brand’s Ahmedabad dealer, Amit Jalani, this experience centre displays the brand’s spectacular range of contemporary furniture and furnishings for all the areas of the house, and businesses.

As witnessed in all the stores, different set-ups of all the areas of the house — living, dining, bedroom, study, entertainment zone and the outdoor — have been created to showcase the relevant furniture for that space. What makes each setting unique are the backdrops they are placed against: copper screens, vertical wooden slats, a wall full of framed artworks, (can you please mention the backdrop for the bed), and wallpaper. All the settings are anchored around a glass cube which displays a variety of potted plants in different sizes.     


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