Out House (The Pellucid Outhouse)
1,200 sq ft
Year of Completion:

The outhouse was created as a specialised space for socialising for an entrepreneurial family. In order to keep the existing landscape intact, the site for the addition was identified as a sequestered spot near the pool of the family house. Given the sheltered location and adequate visual privacy, the space was formalised as a sleek and transparent L-shaped gazebo that would create a sense of being one with nature. Slender cross-profiled columns were positioned within the glass envelope itself to create a clean outer elevation. Following a colour palette of blue, beige, brown and grey, the furniture was curated as per the core aesthetic of contemporary, minimal and ethnic. The bar, however, is bespoke, and customised with gold-leafed fluted wood. The bespoke trait continues to the flooring as well, which features in situ terrazzo inlaid with a tree-form constituting leaf-shaped brass elements.