Suvidha Office
Year of Completion:

Interior design
The visual vocabulary of this office was informed largely by its existing parametric envelope. Thus, the expression exhibits a pronounced geometric flavour — which is carefully calibrated to be striking and eye-catching, but never overpowering, creating a balanced sequence of spaces. The aesthetic route selected is wabi-sabi, with a touch of the neoclassical (as seen in the cornices). With rounded forms, the clean-cut narrative is imbued with a certain gentleness and stays away from a rigid, regimented feel. A striking helical copper-textured staircase, obround tables, disc-shaped pendants, round-edged wall-panels and abstract art work together to create compelling compositions in conjunction with fluted expanses that appear as a leitmotif. The colour direction leans towards the neutral end of the palette, while materiality is minimal, yet impactfully applied.