RplusR Office (Creative Crucible)
Year of Completion:

Our own office embodies our inspirations and the desire for comfortable, rooted environments. The reception area, with its brick wall and an installation featuring terracotta faces of design maestros, illustrates this approach. Additionally, the brick surface, in conjunction with natural light, creates a pleasing organic environment, extending a warm welcome to the visitor. A plastered wood installation, reminiscent of a Raza artwork, acts as a conversation-stopper. Two studio spaces — one devoted to landscape assignments and the other to interior and architecture projects — promote a serene atmosphere ideal for mind-intensive work, while also increasing productivity and fostering a sense of well-being. The work-desk has been articulated after studying the usage patterns of spatial designers, and features useful elements such as a tag board, indoor planters for relief and a built-in measuring scale. The workspace leans towards the earthy side of the material spectrum, embracing local varieties such as kota and kesariya green marble. Exposed concrete walls and vaulted brick ceilings infuse an architectural flavour into the narrative. These organic materials are teamed with contemporary counterparts such as fluted glass and metal to render an eclectic and energised workspace.