Orbit Showroom (Thread Lounge)
1,170 sqft + 900 sqft (outdoor)
Year of Completion:

Orbit in Ahmedabad is a “thread lounge” especially designed for textile designers. Spread across 1,170 sq ft with a lavish 900 sq ft outdoor space, this retail space is located on the third floor of a commercial building. This brief required the team to create a pleasing and unique experience for the customers, besides maximising the space in every possible way.

The space welcomes one with an extremely graphical door sculpted with wood and textile. The entrance is followed by an impressive array of simple arches inspired from neoclassical age with a modern interpretation. The design mandate — to drape the space in blush pink — was carefully and cleverly selected keeping in mind the subtlety and softness of the fabrics which would be displayed. To complement the blush pink textured walls and pink terrazzo floor; oak wood, metal and glass were the chosen materials for the shelves and furniture.

The character of the “thread lounge” is revealed in the clarity of form, strong horizontal and verticals (read shelves and mock-ups) that provide a place to exhibit the products. The various set-ups: living room, bedroom and lounge, further add to the enriching and informative details one would require before procuring the materials. Additionally, the design team has also utilised the core material on display (threads) in distinctive fashion. For instance the conference room has a vaulted ceiling made with textile art.

The lavish exterior space replete with a flourishing greenscape is most definitely the space most visitors would gravitate to. Designed for informal meetings and a breakout space for the employees, it features a black and white ceramic and pebble flooring, and comfortable outdoor furniture. Encased in glass and offering views of the landscaped terrace is the comfortable and classy lounge space. A striking and surprising element used here are two roman pillars, painted pink, handcrafted with fine details adding more elegance to the whole setting.