Opulence Clinic (Opulence)
960 sqft
Year of Completion:

Spread across 960 sq ft, the Opulence skin clinic is designed for a dermatologist who caters to high-end clients. The brief for this project requested the design team for a European style ambience, and a lively, spacious and non-clinical look. As the practice involved numerous machines for skin treatments, it called for clever space planning. The resultant layout of this L-shaped space sees a central passage from the reception area, and all the functions — the consulting and the treatment rooms — arranged parallel to each other, along the passage. To break the monotony of the cabins/treatment rooms, a central courtyard with a dry landscape was created to provide visual break. A cabin was created next to this green patch, a special requirement from the client, where he could shoot videos for his social media channel.

The highlight of this appointments only space can be seen right at the entrance, in the form of arches at the entrance, and it extends to all the areas of the clinic. To remove the austerity of typical doors, soft and feminine arches were introduced on them — this also added grandeur and height to the compact space. In contrast, the ceiling was left plain and received just a swash of paint. The minimal palette of materials and colour chosen to bring the design to light were also wisely chosen. Fluted tinted glass (for the doors), travertine marble and hardwood (for the floor), white beige white ash (for the door frames and panelling) and terracotta (for the dry landscape wall). The selection of colours for the Opulence skin clinic was a pivotal one, and is synonymous with skin. A nude tone — in two textures, veneer and paint — was the choice of colour for this dermatology clinic.