Vikasbhai Residence (Cube House)
Year of Completion:

The Cube House stands on a tight plot of land overlooking a road, and between two residences. The clients wanted the facade and the entire house to be refurbished, and to expand some areas in the interiors. The plot didn’t leave any scope for landscape design, therefore the architects elevated the facade with an impressive material, travertine marble.
Further, on the first level a balcony was created as an extension to the master bedroom; and a multi-purpose room was constructed on the second level.

The interior design has a contemporary language with a simple beige and brown colour scheme throughout the house. The colour is brought in through the custom-designed artworks (by a local artist) which dot the walls in both the public and private spaces. The furniture pieces which was sourced from China are modern in style and feature materials like wood, faux leather, fabric, marble and brass. The backdrops for the furniture were given special attention — fabric panelling in the living room, paint in casual seating, and fabric and wood panelling in the bedrooms. Complementing the walls, the flooring was kept muted… marble is used for the all the areas of the house, while the bedrooms have the warm hardwood.