Manishbhai Residence (A New Dream)
Year of Completion:

The challenge in this project was to work around an existing structure and create a rejuvenated spatial experience. To this end, meticulously aligned interior, architecture and landscape strategies were dovetailed into a wholesome living environment. A series of floating steps emerging out of the landscape creates a sense of arrival that is crucial in a residence of this scale. Amalgamating the old and new layouts, the spatial orchestration within is driven by the need to be connected to the lush outdoors constantly. Materiality is ruled by timber, with a spectrum of patterns and textures energising the narrative. These are teamed with a play of colours through textiles for a stylised approach. Bespoke elements such as a ten-seater dining table featuring a graphical composition of 73 vertical members supporting an enormous brass-inlaid, wood top render a sense of exclusivity.