Surfaces Showroom (The Atlire)
4,000 sqft
Year of Completion:

Surfaces is an experience centre of sanitaryware and faucets for high-end bathroom brands: Hansgrohe, Gessi and Villeroy & Boch. The client wanted this 4,000-square-foot space to be interactive and engaging for everyone who walks into it.

The design plan for this experiential space was to display the products in luxurious set-ups which would highlight them in the best possible way. Grey was chosen as the primary colour for the entire showroom, against which a variety of settings ranging from showering cubicles to vanity units to complete bathroom mock-ups have been created. The combination of hardwood and laminates for the floor differentiate the set-ups, thereby breaking monotony. The set-ups are arranged such that the client can change the products on display easily — the toned down colour palette allows the products to shine, irrespective of its colour, texture and material.

An office space at the rear end of the experience centre, and a meeting space for discussion with the customers were also weaved into the floor plan. The modern discussion table is set against a wall created out of pebbles painted in a turquoise hue which are held in a steel mesh.